Single Page Website

Marisa Román

Official website of actress Marisa Román

Marisa Román is a talented venezuelan actress known by her role in various telenovelas, theather and film productions. Her acting career began at the young age of 9 and has since then starred in 2 TV series and many soap operas.

Because Marisa didn’t have much of an online presence, we at LUDO playful agency had carte blanche to design and develop a modern yet elegant portfolio website.

We built a fluid and responsive jQuery-powered Single-Page Application that loaded content in a dynamic way without constant page reloads. Its design was a real eye-candy as well and pretty much advanced for its time (it was built back in 2013).

Due to the singular way this website looked & worked we also built a custom PHP/MySQL based CMS from the ground up, fully tailored to the needs of the project.

My role in this project was that of a Full-stack Developer:

  1. PSD to HTML conversion, or in other words Front-end Development.
  2. Interaction Design.
  3. Building and development of CMS behind the site.

I must say I really enjoyed this project as it was quite challenging, and I guess it shows on the end result.