Super Eventos

A WordPress based portfolio for an ATL / BTL company

Super Eventos is an ATL/BTL agency that specializes in producing corporate events, product launches, BTL activities and workshops, among other things.

The Request

Back in 2013 Super Eventos reached out to LUDO playful agency to ask for a redesign of their current website.

The main idea was to have SE’s website revolve around their services and the events they had held until then. They had a specific idea in mind: “We want people to search for our events and learn what we can do.”

The Concept

Because the goal was to have users try their luck and search for events, we proposed a minimal portfolio website that greeted the visitor with a prominent and stylish search form and the slogan “whatever comes to your mind, it’s here.” If no results were found, we would then use the opportunity to make a conversion: “We’re sorry, no events match your criteria. Contact us to make it happen!

How We Built It

The website is a Single Page Application with jQuery and WordPress at the core: all of the content is delivered dynamically using AJAX and the JavaScript History API, which allows the user to navigate through the website without reloading the page.

This project required a deep integration with WordPress APIs and filter hooks to power every feature of the site, including of course the search function.

Overall, while the design feels a bit outdated nowadays, in terms of development this project was quite challenging and really fun to work on.