Hello World, Part 2!

Wow, time flies!

It’s been over 3 years since the first Hello world post on this blog. A lot has happened since.

Since I don’t mean to bore you with old stuff, let’s stick with what’s new: I finally found the time to redo this site. As a developer I’ve done a lot of theme development / WordPress sites for work, but ironically never had the chance to build one for myself. I had always resorted to using free(mium) themes until now. The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot, I guess.

This time, I did everything from scratch: from the website layout to WordPress integration. I even built a new Recent Posts widget since the one that comes bundled with WordPress can’t be customized that much (you can see it in action at the bottom of this page).

The new website also features a new portfolio section where I’ll be showcasing some of my best projects, which will be difficult to update since I’m always nitpicking my own work. Right now, there are only a few of them. Can’t help being meticulous.

Although I’m not completely satisfied with it and while I’m probably going to keep changing stuff around, I’m pretty much happy with the current state of this website. Let’s hope the excitement lasts long enough hehe.

And last but not least, welcome back!

One response on “Hello World, Part 2!”

Ok, this is really cool. The form knows that either I have not left your site or I’ve been tagged. 🙂
I just went through both the recently and popular this week stuff below. And yes, they work. Nice to see them in action. Ok, going to check out the 3 sites that you are show casing.

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