WordPress Popular Posts

A WordPress widget that lists your most Popular Posts

Created in 2008, WordPress Popular Posts is today the most widely used popular posts plugin for WordPress around the world.

WordPress Popular Posts helps you introduce your readers to the most popular contents (posts, pages, and/or custom post types) from your WordPress-powered website. This is a great way to keep your visitors engaged.

The plugin’s main strengths lies on its customization options:

  • Sorts your top/trending posts by views or comments count;
  • Lists your all-time top posts, or your best posts within a specific time range (eg. last hour);
  • Filters entries by post type(s) (eg. post, page, product, movie, book, etc.);
  • Filters entries by taxonomy(ies) (eg. categories, tags, etc.);
  • You can customize the HTML markup of your top posts, WPP is very developer friendly;
  • … and more!

The WordPress Popular Posts widget

Want to see WordPress Popular Posts in action? Check out any of my posts in the Blog section for a live demo.

The plugin is hosted on so you can install it on your WordPress website like any other plugin. WordPress Popular Posts is also on GitHub where you can find additional documentation and of course its source code as well.

WordPress Popular Posts is still under active development and I intend to maintain it for as long as I can (13+ years and counting!)

P.S.: the good folks at Webucator were kind enough to create a short video to demonstrate how to install and use WordPress Popular Posts. It’s a few years old now and doesn’t showcase some recent changes/features but it can still be useful so make sure to check it out.