A highly configurable Recent Posts widget for WordPress!

Released in June 26th, 2015 (see the announcement post for details), Recently’s goal is to offer a more featureful and flexible alternative to the stock Recent Posts widget that comes included with WordPress.

The Story behind Recently

The idea of building this plugin came from a suggestion made by an user of the WordPress Popular Posts plugin.

I must admit that I wasn’t very fond of the idea at first because there are a few alternative Recent Posts plugins out there already. No need to reinvent the wheel, right? But then, a project I was working on required using a Recent Posts widget and seeing how limited the stock one is, I decided on building my own.

I used WordPress Popular Posts as a base for building this plugin so many of its cool features were inherited. This also gave me the chance to review WPP’s code thoroughly and -as anyone could expect- this resulted in finding areas of opportunity where both plugins could greatly improve, both in performance in and UX.

Well, now I have two WordPress plugins.