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Proyecto Identidad

Official site of the book Identidad Venezuela ~ 1000 Rostros

Identidad Venezuela ~ 1000 Rostros documents the life of characters who represent the Venezuelan culture. From Cisneros and Escotet, a policeman and a highway peddler, to the very first Miss Venezuela.

The Story Behind the Project

TV/Movie Producer & Journalist Gil Molina is the writer behind 1000 Rostros, a compendium of the most representative characters of the Venezuelan culture.

Back in late 2014, Molina was about to launch an all-out campaign to promote his new book. As a part of this launch, Molina got in touch with LUDO playful agency asking us to create a landing page to promote 1000 Rostros.

He wanted something simple where people would be able to preview the stories about the people in the book with the possibility to buy it directly from the landing page without requiring registration as the campaign was only a few weeks away from launch.

How We Did It

With the deadline breathing down our necks, the agency heavily customized a paid template provided by Molina to shorten development times as much as possible to the point that it ended up looking nothing like the original design. This helped a lot as I -being the developer in charge of the project- was able to develop advanced custom features for the landing page while respecting the deadline set by the client, including (but not limited to):

  • Integration with two major payment gateways’ APIs to process purchase orders: PayPal and MercadoPago.
  • A versatile AJAX powered character search form.
  • An AJAX powered character gallery.
  • A custom-made, minimal CMS so Molina could easily manage various aspects of the site (contents, characters, payment gateway settings, book specifications, etcetera).
  • Responsive design.

After weeks of development/QA madness and sleep deprivation, here’s the result of our work:

Proyecto Identidad – 1000 Rostros was launched on mid January 2015 and nowadays it’s still up & running -at the time of writing at least- so if you want to check it out (and maybe even buy the book?) then you’re in luck!