Laboratorio Elizabeth Gutiérrez

Website for a clinical microbiology laboratory

Laboratorio Elizabeth Gutiérrez is a microbiological laboratory based in Caracas (Venezuela) specialized in clinical diagnostics.

The Challenge

In our days, being on the Internet is a must. It can make clear a difference in the ever lasting battle businesses face day to day to stay afloat and ahead of their competition. This of course include companies which offer any kind of services, and even more one as vital as health services.

The main goal of the laboratory was to have a website that would not only serve as a presentation card for their business but also to provide useful resources / services to their patients, making a difference in their lives.

The Answer

Ludo playful agency took on the challenge and designed a corporate site that didn’t feel corporate, proposing a slick and clean design that makes it easy on the eyes and a pleasure to navigate through:

The website also offers online registration to their visitors which grants access to several EG’s services, including but not limited to:

  • Ability to schedule an appointment at the laboratory from the website.
  • Ability to request a budget from the website.
  • Access to medical history.
  • Access to tests results.
  • Access to EG’s Loyalty Club.

Almost everything was built from scratch for this project. From wireframes to mock-ups to the final design. The CMS was also coded from the ground up.

I was in charge on coordinating the work of the front-end developers and did back-end development – including the building of the CMS behind the web application.

The project started in late 2013 and nowadays is still undergoing development. Some of features are yet to be fully implemented.

Update: unfortunately development stopped some time during 2015 due to some unresolved, non-project related issues between the agency and the laboratory.