LAA Compliance

A bespoke WordPress based website for a law firm

LAA Compliance is a law firm that specializes in Financial & Corporate Criminal Compliance. Their goal is to become the #1 Criminal Compliance firm in the country and to do so I helped them build a modern & elegant website.

The Story

Venezuela, once one of the most stable and prosperous democracies in the region, has in the past few years spiraled into an economic collapse and political crisis, fueling a massive humanitarian crisis and exodus. The rule of law in the nation is virtually non-existent at this point as the country plunges into chaos. It’s not a great situation.

Carlos Liendo, Financial Crimes Specialist and CEO of Escritorio Jurídico Liendo Angarita & Asociados, believes that the country is facing a significant, historic turning point and he’s betting hard on it: once Venezuela finally recovers from the crisis -he explains- the need for criminal compliance programs will be a thing. Carlos and his associates are preparing for it.

However, while the law firm has a great clientele already, surprisingly enough Liendo Angarita & Asociados didn’t have any online presence yet. And that’s where I come in.

My Role on the Project

To help the firm in their quest to become the top Financial & Corporate Criminal Compliance firm in Venezuela I teamed up with VC Digital, a Caracas based digital marketing agency. VC Digital would help Carlos with the online marketing side of the project while I would take care of building the firm’s website.

LAA Compliance’s website was made from the ground up with WordPress at its core. A fast-loading, SEO friendly WordPress theme was tailor-made for the firm, following modern programming practices (OOP, SASS, Webpack for asset bundling/minification, .webp images, etc). And it shows, PSI‘s scores at launch were -all modesty aside- nothing short of great:'s PageSpeed Insights scores

The website was designed with simplicity in mind, I wanted it to look clean and modern, easy-on-the-eyes – nothing too corporate-ish.

The homepage features a slideshow right below the header section of the website that the firm can use to promote its services, events, or anything that helps them convert visitors into potential clients.

It also includes a testimonials slider (“Lo que dicen nuestros clientes”) which -at the moment- features only one review. Carlos hopes to include more testimonials in the near future as the business grows.

At the end of the page, a section of recent articles where Carlos and his team talk about Criminal Compliance and everything in between.'s Home Page

Aside from the homepage, features 4 sections in total:

  • Nuestra Firma, basically an “About us” page.
  • Servicios, a list of services provided by the firm.
  • Blog, this one is pretty much self-explanatory.
  • Contáctanos, a “Contact Us” page powered by Leaflet JS for the interactive map shown on this page; and Contact Form 7, a WordPress plugin to create configurable contact forms by Takayuki Miyoshi.

Carlos plans to add new sections and add improvements to the existing ones as the situation in Venezuela evolves, staying atop the needs of the market on the fly.

Onto the next challenge!