WordPress Popular Posts

WordPress Popular Posts is a -yes, you guessed it right- WordPress widget that lists your most popular posts.

Rather than simply displaying a list of your most recent posts, WordPress Popular Posts helps your visitors find your best contents right away. The widget is quite flexible too, since it offers a wide range of options so you can adjust it to your needs:

  • sorts your popular posts either by page views or by comments count,
  • it can list the most popular from today, last week, last month, etc.
  • it can also display post thumbnails,
  • allows customization of the HTML output,
  • etc.

The WordPress Popular Posts plugin is my personal project. It was released sometime in 2008 and it’s still under active development. At the time of writing this, it’s been downloaded over 1 million times (and counting!) which makes me feel quite happy 😀

P.S.: the good folks at Webucator were kind enough to create a short video to demonstrate how to install and use WordPress Popular Posts, so make sure to go check it out!