Released in June 26th, 2015 (see the announcement post for all the details), Recently‘s goal is to offer a more featureful and flexible alternative to the stock Recent Posts widget included with WordPress.

The idea of building this plugin came from a suggestion made by an user of the WordPress Popular Posts plugin.

At first, and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t too interested in building a Recent Posts widget because there are already a few plugins out there that offer this functionality. Why reinvent the wheel, right? But then, when I was working on this site I noticed that WordPress’ Recent Posts widget can’t be customized beyond setting a title for the widget, how many entries to list and have it display the post date. Other than than, there’s nothing much you can do with it. Therefore, Recently was born.

I must say that once I started working on it I got quite excited. I used WordPress Popular Posts as a base for this plugin and while I was working on the code I had the chance to review WPP. As one could expect, there were so many “oh, I could have done that this way” and “hey, this could be improved” that Recently ended up being a bit superior to WPP in terms of UX and performance. Heck, I’m even going to port some of Recently’s features over to WPP.

Well, now I have two plugins. To Recently‘s success!