Proyecto Identidad

Identidad Venezuela ~ 1000 Rostros is a project that seeks to document the life of characters who represent the venezuelan culture. From Cisneros and Escotet, a policeman and a highway peddler, to the first Miss Venezuela.

When the author Gil Molina first approached us he already had a faint idea as to what he wanted for his book: a responsive, single page website with the ability to search for characters, and also the possibility of online shopping without requiring visitors to register.

With that in mind, LUDO -the agency I work for- wireframed and designed the website based on a custom template previously acquired by Molina. Once the client gave us the go-ahead, the next step was to adapt Molina’s template into the new design. And that’s where I came in.

Applying the new look & feel to the template was a breeze. Fortunately for me, the layout was beautifully coded. It even included some AJAX functionality already, making things simpler. There were only a couple of things that had to be done from scratch and those were the character search form and the contact form. Nothing too complex, though.

Next, integration with payment gateways.

Since the idea was to let people buy the book online without registering on the site, PayPal and MercadoPago became the most appropiate options since both services provide APIs to host the entire payment process externally. Integrating these services with the site was painless and actually easier than I thought.

Finally, site’s administration. The CMS we built for the site allows Molina to control key aspects of the site from the admin panel:

  • Ability to add, edit and delete characters.
  • Ability to control which characters should be featured under the Rostros (Faces) section.
  • Ability to add, edit and delete testimonials.
  • Ability to edit main contents of the site, such as the Autor (Author) section.

The result was a clean, minimalist but fully functional one-page website.

I really enjoyed this project!