Mappit! is a social media mobile app where you can share what you’re doing and see everything that’s happening around you in real time.

It’s a mix between Foursquare (before it splitted into two different apps back in 2014) and Instagram where you can see pictures taken by other users in your area on a map, and of course you can share your own for others to see. Basic actions such Like, share, etc that you normally find in the main social networks out there are also available in the Mappit! app.

At the time of writing this, only the iOS version was under active development and shall be out soon. It’s out for iOS 8 and later! (Sadly, no love for Android yet).

A minimalist one-page website

The site -designed by Sebastian Garanton, who also designed the app- consists on a minimalist design interface focused on highlighting the main features of the Mappit! app.

Upon entering the site, you’re greeted with a brief description of the Mappit! app with download buttons for each store (Apple’s Appstore and Google’s Playstore). A simple parallax effect can be seen upon scrolling down. A few other elements on the page are also subtly animated when in view using some CSS3 techniques.

What’s next

The current landing page is actually a temporary solution to inform people about the Mappit! app while it grows. There are plans on expanding the website into a more complex one (a real-time on-site map using the HTML Geolocation API to show visitors what current users of Mappit are sharing in their area; a WordPress-powered blog section to share news about the app; et cetera). If that time comes (and if I’m still part of the project by then, it was a freelance job after all) I’ll update this entry with the results.