Laboratorio Elizabeth Gutiérrez

The Laboratorio Elizabeth Gutiérrez (EG from now on) project is more of a web application than a regular website.

Our client’s goal was to have a website that would not only serve as a presentation card for their business but also to provide useful resources / services to their clients.

The website offers online registration to their visitors which grants access to several EG’s services, including -but not limited to-:

  • Ability to schedule an appointment at the laboratory from the website.
  • Ability to request a budget from the website.
  • Access to medical history.
  • Access to tests results.
  • Access to EG’s Loyalty Club (still under development).
  • Et cetera.

Almost everything was built from scratch for this project. From the wireframes to mockups to the final design. The CMS was also coded from the ground up.

The project started in late 2013 and nowadays is still undergoing development. Some of features are yet to be fully implemented / integrated.